We must do our best to keep circumstances or incidents from causing us to delay or disrupt our plans and dreams. As soon as we do, we’ve let the enemy win.

Business Idea: Mobile Car Wash

When you’ve been struck with the entrepreneur bug, you start seeing business opportunities all over the place. We were down in Florida about a month ago and due to some unfortunate circumstances, our Prius needed to have the hybrid battery replaced before we could come home.

While we were down there, I saw a couple guys washing the cars in the lots. I started wondering why they would be doing that when the weather is near perfect down there, especially this time of year. Anyhow, that got me thinking. What about buying a pressure washer and getting contracts with car dealerships to keep their cars looking spotless on the outside?

The dealership would provide the electricity and the water, you provide the manpower and pressure washer. It could be a deal where you simply visit once a week to keep them clean, or more frequently if that’s what they want. If you were to do it more often, it would be easier to keep them clean and the dealer would be happy.

This could even be expanded so you could travel to people’s place of employment and wash their cars while their at work. It’s just an idea until the right person comes along to take it and run with it.

COMING SOON: Am I the Only One… Who Hates My Job?


Some of you may not realize that this site along with a sister site, Planning to Save, were created during a confusing and troubling time in my career. I felt like everything else in my life was going well, but what I wanted to be doing for my life’s work was a mystery.

After doing a lot of soul searching, I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who felt the way I did.  Those I knew who didn’t feel fulfilled or were troubled with their jobs all seemed to have varying degrees of unhappiness and were unhappy in different ways. There was one common theme among them. It was the sense of loneliness and hopelessness. They felt like they didn’t know what to do with their lives or that things would never change and they just had to accept it.

I decided to compile the range of emotions I experienced in my different positions, including the most difficult moments, add in what I knew others have experienced and create an ebook. Not only did I want to express how I’ve felt through my career, but I wanted to write something that others could relate to and hopefully help them through a similar difficult time in their career.

Keep your eyes open in the coming months. There is some final editing to be done before it hits the electronic shelves!

It’s a start

I’m the type of person who wants to see results quickly from the ideas I dream up. If there aren’t any results, then I assume my idea is not working and start to consider what my other options are. I’ve had to remind myself that my actions may not always produce immediate results.

If you’ve got a business idea though, there are some things that I’ve learned you can do to help speed up your ability to transition to new ideas more quickly. These are the “one time” items that after you do them, you don’t have to do them again.

The first one of these actions is filing for an LLC. It’s incredibly simple to do and in Ohio only costs $125. I decided to keep the name of mine relatively generic so that it doesn’t lead people to believe I only provide one type of service. For example, Adam’s Discount Trucks wouldn’t make much sense if I decide to start fixing computers. I decided on Adro Solutions, LLC after asking around for ideas.

Next, you get your federal EIN number. It’s free and can be filed for online in less than 10 minutes. While you could use your social security number for different business things, using an EIN protects you a little bit more.

Finally, open a free business checking account. I didn’t need to deposit anything into mine and there are no monthly fees. If I don’t make any money for 6 months, that’s okay.

So there you have it. That’s how I created a business and started a business checking account. While all of this could have probably been done in a week, I dragged my feet and it took a bit longer than it should have. But I won’t have to do it again so the next time I can get down to business faster!

If you have any questions on how to start your own business, send me an email through the contact form or post a comment below and I’ll help you get started with your dream.