Why Thanos has it all wrong (or where Infinity War falls flat)


I’m going to start this post with some apologies. First, if you’re not into Marvel movies, you can likely sit this one out. Second, if you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War, this will likely contain spoilers. Finally, I’m not a comic book guy who has read them all and knows all there is about them. I pretty much watched the movies, did a little research. I have owned maybe 3 comic books in my entire lifetime and don’t remember what they were.

Let’s begin…

I’ll start by summarizing Infinity War. Thanos is the bad guy trying to collect all 6 Infinity Stones which will give him ultimate power. There’s a twist though. He doesn’t want to rule the universe, but instead wipe out half of population across all the planets so that the survivors can thrive.

Based on his personal experience with his home planet, there are only enough resources to support a certain number of people, and he believes that by wiping out half of everyone, the remaining ones can live better lives. No one listened to him while he was on his home planet and they suffered the consequences naturally, which has set him on a quest to do this on other planets.

From watching the movie, it appears he’s been doing this by relatively rudimentary means. He goes to planet, lines up the people and kills half of them and then moves on. However, by collecting the Infinity Stones and putting them in the Gauntlet, he won’t need to fly around anymore. He can just snap his fingers and half the population across the universe dissolves into nothing.

And that’s where the problem lies

You can kind of see Thanos point when you’re watching the movie. Of course, you think “there’s got to be a better way, right?” Captain America even mentions “we don’t trade lives” at one point in the movie to further drive the point home.

Well, there is another solutions and Thanos is too thick to see it. If he’s got this all powerful Infinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Stones, he could just as easily snap his fingers and create the necessary resources for the entire population to survive. It could be more planets, food, houses, or whatever else you can imagine. When he wiped out half the population, did he also make half of those remaining sterile to control population growth? If he didn’t, then the “problem” he’s been trying to prevent is just going to present itself again someday.

And after evaluating the movie a bit more, we begin to see Thanos biggest weakness… ignorance.