Updates from Adelyn – Mickey’s Haircut and New Snail

Mickey (my dog) got a haircut today!!! First of all, when we walked in their were two other dogs (Marley & another dog.) My dog has really bad anxiety problems, but the groomer “said” he does well!!!… Surprising RIGHT?! If a stranger came in our house he wouldn’t bark to tell us there’s a stranger, HE WOULD LICK HIM/HER TO DEATH!!!…Ha Ha Ha!!! But as I was telling you… Mickey looks adorable!!!

A SNAIL!!! WHAT OTHER WORDS ARE THERE, EXCEPT EVERY WORD THAT DESCRIBES THEM!!! What will my mom think?! “Ew!!! Gross!!!”, or “WHY?.”¬†Who knows?! It’s a Blue Mystery Snail…(OOH, UM, WELL.) I know, I know!!!