What your desktop background says to your coworkers

In the land of cubicle dwellers, everyone has at least one window to the outside world – the desktop background. It can tell a lot about you to those around you.

For example, solid color backgrounds show you don’t care to open your window. You’d work in a basement if you could, most likely without anyone around you.

If you’re sporting that beautiful beach scene, it’s pretty obvious where you’d rather be. You’re either thinking about an upcoming vacation, a vacation you’ve been on, or one you wish you could take. If you could work on the beach, then your dream would be complete.

Sci-fi and action heroes means you’ll probably be late to work the day after the next Marvel movie comes out.

Cats and dogs – animal lover, possibly single

Kids – family man/woman (who is possibly trying to remember why you drag yourself into work each day)

Random pictures – you just don’t want to be staring at the same thing all the time, it takes your mind off of what you’re doing

The next time you consider “personalizing” your desktop, consider what you might be conveying to the people around you, and then change it anyway!