What comes after “death do us part?”

There is a lot of excitement about getting married, but when exchanging vows, no one ever tells you what comes after “death do us part”?

Many people may think that if you’re younger or haven’t been married very long it should be easier to answer that question, but the truth is that you still shared hopes, dreams, and a vision of the future that included the other person.

If you’ve been married for 30, 40, or 50+ years, you’ve shared so much of your life with someone that when they’re not there, it’s hard to know who to share your good and bad days with.

I certainly don’t have the answer, and I’m sure the answer is different for different people.

One thing that I believe would give me assurance in such a difficult time, should I ever find myself there, is knowing that we share the same faith that someday we’ll be reunited.