Future Story

So, for our LifeGroup, we had to write what we want our story to be in the future. Below is mine.

I want to raise Christ following kids that rely on God, believe anything is possible and don’t believe the lies of this world. I want to be someone they want to be around when we’re all older.

I want to do work that is productive, meaningful and profitable. I want my work to be an inspiration to others.

I want my marriage to be envied by others and to set the bar incredibly high for those that my daughters date.

I want to feel that in all things I’m growing closer to God and relying on him to provide. I want to recognize that I exist because he allows me to. As long as I’m on this world, he has something for me to do.

I want to honor god with my finances but not let others know about it.

I want to be someone who builds others up and after they’ve been around me, they feel better about themselves.

I wan to a live a life where my I wants are I ams.

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