Where am I?

Below is an excerpt from an email that I had recently sent someone. Funny thing is that I feel like it fits well here for others to see and perhaps express how they feel. Obviously,┬ásome things have been modified and this doesn’t include everything.

I’m having those feelings of restlessness again. I know what I want to be doing, like we had discussed 3 years ago. I want to either be doing IT consulting on my own or in a small team, or build a SaaS product, or a combination of the two. I’m not sure if I don’t have the discipline to make the transition or what. I know over the past few years, I got complacent because I enjoyed working with a lot of the people I was working with and I got raises and a bonus each year, so it was easy to get complacent. I still worked on things on the side, but never really pushed it. I see no reason I couldn’t be successful or build something successful. Right now, I’ve got an idea that I’m working on the preselling stage for (creating mockups and making contacts).
Maybe I need to be surrounded with like-minded people who want to build something awesome and are ready to be done with the 8-5.
Maybe I need a plan of attack so that I know if I follow the process it will get me to success.
I don’t know what I need, but I desperately want to succeed at this so I can have some freedom and flexibility. I’ve started writing some blog posts on early retirement, because I’m intrigued by the prospects of being able to do what I want. It’s not that I would stop working, it’s just that I would start doing the things that interest me and probably be 10 times more successful.
Wow, that was a lot to lay out there at once, sorry for unloading it all at once.

Daily Prayer


Please give me confidence in myself to move forward, and help me to see past the doubt and fear that tries to invade and take over my life and control me. Its paralyzing effects have no place in my life.


Confidence from a 6 year old

My daughter wanted to start a lemonade and cookie stand today. We had to leave it for a while to do some other stuff. On the way back she tells me, “We’ve got to get back there because there is probably a line.”

I didn’t want to discourage her, so I said “You might be right.”

When we pulled past the house and there was no line, she said “I know why there’s no line.”

“Why is that?”

“Because the lemonade and cookies aren’t out.”

At what point in our life do we lose that confidence, the confidence that tells us “there will be a line.” Confidence that is so sure in something that there is no convincing us of something else. It’s our loss of this confidence that makes us so unsure of our decisions and unsure of what we should be doing. Really it’s a loss of faith. We lose faith that we will make the right decision, or better yet, that God will use whatever decision we make work out to His benefit.