Confidence from a 6 year old

My daughter wanted to start a lemonade and cookie stand today. We had to leave it for a while to do some other stuff. On the way back she tells me, “We’ve got to get back there because there is probably a line.”

I didn’t want to discourage her, so I said “You might be right.”

When we pulled past the house and there was no line, she said “I know why there’s no line.”

“Why is that?”

“Because the lemonade and cookies aren’t out.”

At what point in our life do we lose that confidence, the confidence that tells us “there will be a line.” Confidence that is so sure in something that there is no convincing us of something else. It’s our loss of this confidence that makes us so unsure of our decisions and unsure of what we should be doing. Really it’s a loss of faith. We lose faith that we will make the right decision, or better yet, that God will use whatever decision we make work out to His benefit.

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