The “F” word that we need to remove from our vocabulary

It can make others feel very uncomfortable when they hear it. It’s used way too often and it’s a poor choice to use when answering someone. What is it?


Yes, the word I’m talking about is fine.

Consider the following exchanges.

“How are you doing today?” “Fine.”

Really? That good, huh?

“How did the big project you wrapped up at work go.” “Fine.”

I hope you still have your job!

“How would you like to go to eat at Olive Garden?” “That’s fine.”

Let’s go someplace you actually want to go to.

It’s the word we use when we want to say bad or okay, but want to put a positive spin on it. I can see through your thinly veiled disguise.

When I hear someone use it, the only thing I hear is “leave me alone” or “I’ll accept that if I have to”.

It’s such a noncommittal word. It’s just covering up how you really feel. Be real, be honest, say what you mean to say!

When to use it

There are only a couple of instances I can think of where it’s acceptable.

  • When saying something is high quality, such as the setting on your camera to take a better quality picture.
  • When describing something that is very thin, such as someone’s hair.

Consider how you’re using seemingly harmless words. A lot can be said between the lines of everyday words. Sometimes it’s in how we say it, and other times it’s the context we use it in. Be considerate!

Any words you can think of that make you cringe when they’re used? Let me know in the comments. Another one that comes to mind for me is “sure”.

“Want to go to see a movie tonight?” “Sure.”

It makes me want to scream!!!

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